Carpenters document progress

Kat Paraw 2 - for blog-7345

Celso attaching the ‘batsula’ with a hand drill during a power outage.

About a month ago, we gave the carpenters a Nikon point-and-shoot to document their daily work. The paraw construction has been progressing apace and each step has been captured by the men themselves.

In the images below,  see how the “batsula“– the rim of the boat – was attached above the frame. The batsula was then softened with oil and the two sides were bent using ropes and a ratchet to meet at the bow. The ratchet was tightened everyday for a week until the two pieces were sufficiently curved to form a pointed bow.

Work on adding a keel began next and the carpenters built a roof over the boat to shelter them from the summer heat.

2 thoughts on “Carpenters document progress

  1. Nik says:

    Big project…. Hope everything goes as planned. Can wait to see that paraw float!

  2. Jenny reed says:

    Wow! Beautiful project, beautiful boat!

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