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Get the boat afloat!

25 June – the highest tide of 2013

Jaime Maltos points to 25 June 2013

Jaime Maltos points to 25 June 2013

Our team of carpenters are living and working, building the paraw on the banks of the Babuyan River, a tidal river that flows into Honda Bay, on Palawan’s east coast.

Since we will lift the boat into the water by man power alone, it is important that the river is at its highest possible level at the time. So we are planning to lift the hull into the water on June 25, during the highest tide of the year (2.06 metres).

Tidal range on 25-26 June 2013 (source:

Tidal range on 25-26 June 2013 (source:

The especially high tide on June 25/26 is due to the effect of a full moon, creating a spring tide, and the summer solstice on 21 June, which also has the effect of increasing tidal ranges.

Moon phases (source:

Moon phases (source:

Once the boat is in the water, work will continue on the cabins, masts and riggings.

We are aiming to finish work by October, ready for the beginning of sailing season in November.

Update from the boat builders

Celso and Claro work on the hull.

Take a look through these photographs, taken by the paraw carpenters over the last couple of weeks, documenting their daily progress.

They are now attaching the sides of the boat (dingding) and making sure that the hull is watertight. They have just ten weeks to finish this stage, as the paraw will be transfered to the Babuyan River in late June.

This phase is very labour intensive and the team will be increasing in size over the next month to keep up with the work.

The Hull Taking Shape

Today’s update from the paraw carpenters’ camera. It has been five months and one week since construction began.