Update from the boat builders

Celso and Claro work on the hull.

Take a look through these photographs, taken by the paraw carpenters over the last couple of weeks, documenting their daily progress.

They are now attaching the sides of the boat (dingding) and making sure that the hull is watertight. They have just ten weeks to finish this stage, as the paraw will be transfered to the Babuyan River in late June.

This phase is very labour intensive and the team will be increasing in size over the next month to keep up with the work.


2 thoughts on “Update from the boat builders

  1. tony barrios says:

    What kind of a keel will you be using on this paraw?

    • Hi Tony!

      We won’t have a centre board or drop keel – we are building in a piece of very hard wood [popoan – family of antipolo tree] 8″ wide and 10″ deep running from bow to stern.

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