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Paraw Sailing Schedule

Learning from the past for a sustainable future. The Tao Paraw project has taken 2 years to complete and is a collective project from historians, boat builders and sailors from all over the Philippines to revive an almost forgotten culture. This boat is truly unique and the largest that exists in the Philippines today.
We are inviting you to join and experience the way Filipinos travel the seas before fuel and engines. The design of the Bangkas with its two outriggers and no deep keel can be dated back for more than 1000 years, navigating through shallow water and hidden reefs between the islands.Image
Learn the ropes and enjoy the serenity of sailing. Our regular 3-day/3-night Open Group Sail Expeditions will continue until mid-August. Booking email:
July 4-7 (Friday-Monday)
July 11-14 (Friday-Monday)
July 18-21 (Friday-Monday)
August 1-4 (Friday-Monday)
August 15-18 (Friday-Monday)
The paraw will then rest during rainy season and resume sailing in early October.
For details on organising a 3-day/3-night Private Group Expeditions, email:
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Sail Aboard the Paraw


EXCITING NEWS! The paraw – now officially named the Balatik  – will be open to bookings from this May. You can make reservations on the Tao Philippines Website.

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Lambay, the paraw’s “blessing”

Yesterday was the ritual “blessing” of the paraw. Tay Domingo, a Tagbanua shaman from Palawan’s west coast travelled to Puerto Princesa with his son to perform the blessing, called a Lambay.Image


Stary Night

The paraw is currently docked in Puerto Princesa and will soon be sailing to El Nido. StarsParawWP-1899

Paraw intact after the typhoon!

Around 1am, early morning of November 9, the river water rose by around three metres – a combination of the new moon high tide, intense rains and a  storm surge caused by super typhoon Haiyan,  a couple of hundred kilometres to the north.

The carpenters abandoned their riverside camp, which was soon underwater, and stayed on the boat secured to nearby trees. Nobody slept. The wind blew and the rain poured well into the day time.

Thankfully, we were not in the direct path of the typhoon or it would have been much more dangerous.

We are so thankful to have such a knowledgeable and experienced team of boat-builders. They knew exactly what to do to keep themselves safe and prevent the paraw from getting damaged. Well done guys!

Eddie and Gener on the Paraw, roughly 2 months from completion

Eddie and Gener on the paraw November 4

“A visit to the jungle to check the building of the Paraw sail boat. Few months more and we will be cruising the island with this gem.” Eddie Brock, Nov 6, 2013

Hull to be launched tomorrow!

Hull interior

Here are some beautiful images of the hull interior taken by Gener last week.

The wood sealing process is now complete and the paraw is ready to be launched into the water tomorrow.

It will take fifty to a hundred men and perhaps a few native carabaos to push/pull the hull into the Babuyan River, where the construction process will continue for the next couple of months.

After the launch tomorrow Gener will be serving lechon baboy (roast pig) to all those who have helped. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us reach this stage. Please join us if you like! We’ll be starting at 7am – aiming to get the boat in the water by high tide at 10am.

The Hull Taking Shape

Today’s update from the paraw carpenters’ camera. It has been five months and one week since construction began.