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Boat building began two months ago

Paraw part 1 - for blog-6802It has been two months and 19 days since the paraw construction slowly began with just two master carpenters. Now, with four men on the job work is speeding up and the hull is taking shape.

From different island backgrounds – Cagayancillo and Romblon – with different traditions of sailing and boat construction, the team is working well together, combining their knowledge.

The men live on site next to the boat and go home to their families just once a week. Beside the river with few distractions, there is little to do but work, eat and sleep.

“We sleep early, sometimes 7pm but by around 2am, I’m awake again thinking about our work for the next day. It’s a challenging project – keeps our minds busy.” Jaime Maltos

Paraw part 1 - for blog-6956